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Hi! I'm Pearl. I love barrel racing and pole bending but I also love slow, relaxed rides, and little kids.  I enjoy bareback rides, trail rides, and teaching people how to lunge.  And the kiddos love me too!

P.S. I love apples and being brushed!



Hi! I'm Tucker. I drive the girls wild! Talk about tall dark and handsome right here. Don't worry about a thing, I'll take care of you and we can go nice and slow and even stop and chill if you'd like until you want to go faster cause I'm a cool dude like that.



Hi! I'm Cedie.  I love to chase things, I'm a cow horse.  I enjoy going slow, teaching people and challenging them to be the leader.  I'll go as slow or fast as you ask, but I won't go faster than what you're ready for.

P.S. I love carrots and prefer to be pet after we work.



Hi! I'm Jack. I love attention. I'm a super smooth mover and will go as slow as possible but if you really want to, I'll go faster. I was rescued last year and I'm still building muscle so I only take lightweight kids for now. I will take care of you, I'm not afraid of anything.

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